Stella and Hugo. My children and my most frequent models. They’ve changed my life in many ways but most importantly I’ve come to see my time as my most precious asset. They are the reason why I decided to try to make a living by doing what I love because going to work that did not resonate with me felt like wasting time I could be spending with them. I’ve never regretted my decision but the journey I’ve embarked on is not an easy one.
Blondak, Lucie and Jitka. Three of my four best friends. They are great. We’ve known each other for years and we’ve had so much fun together. This picture is taken in the beautiful UNESCO city Kromeriz.
I do not know how old I was here. This picture has been taken by our neighbour. For some reason I have always been fond of it. This girl is full of hope and expectation of great things. It was also the only picture I had that was twice as big as the traditional size 9x13cm.
Me as a child with my mother and sister. I grew up in the communist Czechoslovakia. The Velvet Revolution came when I was 7 years old. The only thing I remember was that at school we were not allowed to say “comrade teacher” anymore because, as was explained to us, pupils and teachers are not equals therefore no comrades. Since then it had to be Mrs or Mr Teacher.
My father is probably the main reason why I started with photography already as a child. He left when I was very small and I knew very little about him. He was a bit of a mystery to me. He was always taking pictures and I knew that when he still lived with us he used to develop them himself in our bathroom. Me taking pictures was in some sense a way how to get closer to him. He also gave me my first camera.
My hippie period. First year at secondary school when the most important thing was to be cool and hang around with friends.
My then best friend got an old school bike, which I always dreamt of. Here it’s getting a facelift with new pea green colour. I still had to wait a couple more years until I got a beautiful retro bike of my own.
Our secondary school graduation pictures had to be original. They were taken under water by me. Well, obviously not this one.
My portrait at the age of 21. At that time I had an analog Nikon and I used to develop my pictures at home in our bathroom. Great times!
Alzbeta. One of my best friends and best models. This photo session took place in her bedroom and we had loads of fun when taking the pictures.
A shed in our garden in Bystrice pod Hostynem reflecting the house where I grew up and where I lived the first 22 years of my life.
Finally! My HOGOFOGO retro bike. Broken, it was parked in our shed for 6 years until the love of my life managed to fix it. Then I brought it with me to Belgium where it got stolen!
Olomouc. A very important city in my life with a lot of memories, good and bad. Here I met Steven who is now my partner and the father of my two children.
One amazing week I spent with my friend Marcelka on this catamaran going from Sardinia to Corsica and back. Swimming with plankton at night, stunning sunrises, diving, arriving to the awesome city of Bonifacio... Everyday we experienced something special.
Me as a photographer at the wedding of my friends Lenka and Lukas. With Steven at the background who has always been a great support to me ever since.
In 2011 I started following photography classes at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in Gent. This is one of my self-portraits that I presented as my final work in the first year.
I love travelling. Not as a tourist, as a traveller. This is Astoria in Oregon, USA. The best 3 weeks in my life that I spent with Steven cycling from Vancouver to San Francisco. We did almost 2100 km in 21 days. Exhausting but liberating.
My cousin lives in Switzerland. Her parents came there as immigrants in 1984. We combined our family holiday with visiting her in the mobile home they had in Grüsch. And we discovered this gorgeous swimming pool in Pany.